Limited experience with Social Media

Hello! You guys have super sweet descriptions of your social media experiences. I figured I’d just describe a typical “routine”. I think a really cool side effect of this class for me is going to be developing a streamlined and fascinating social media habit. And when I say habit, hopefully it won’t be too much more time out of my day (b/c I don’t exaggerate: I’ve caught myself just compulsively cycling through my little rotation of websites for 4 hours straight: hate that feeling!)

In no particular order:
* check Facebook – sweet “Share this if you love America” post by my mom, clickbait “suggested posts” (that get me probably half the time – so ashamed), baby pictures by friends who are way too pumped about having a baby, and various Denverites shitting on the Broncos/Manning/everyone on the team. Cue cliche ex-player response: “WHY DON’T YOU PUT ON SOME PADS THEN???”

* reddit – cool stuff on the top page (I’m a sucker for animal stuff, gifs preferably), find some weird news item, and read a LPT (life pro tip), only to forget it 10 minutes later. Definitely can get lost here for a while, especially reading comments (pure lurker though, never jump in the conversation).

*brobible – probably most embarrassed of this one, b/c one of the last things I hope people see me as is a “bro”. That’s another discussion though. Honestly, this is the source for weird (sometimes shocking) celebrity/college news, with rarely a story that is (or can lead me to) something actually intellectually engaging. Also gets me with that infinite scroll function where things load before I hit the bottom, then 2 hours later I realize I’m reading things from 2012 (probably the habit I’d most like to conquer).

*worldstarhiphop – another very guilty pleasure, but honestly has stuff that I just can’t look away from sometimes! (not a sexual reference) Vine compilations are probably my favorite, but things can get real weird real quick (“[views something gross]…yea I’m done interneting today.”) Rarely find hip-hop I like though (pretty ironic).

I’ll cut it there in the interest of time, but my point is I like to believe that there’s a better routine out there that satisfies my desire (which can be a bit hard to define, since I’m really never happy about succumbing to the draw of celeb news/dumb college stories), and I’m confident this class will be good for me!