Comment on week one: expectations, knowledge, and the role of social media by Joe

Hey Luke, first of all, super dope layout/picture.

Always cool to see what people are using, especially in your case as a musician. Would like to ask two questions:

1. What are your top 5 subreddits to stay up to date with? I’ve browsed pretty heavy (ok, sometimes hours) just around the entire site, and every time I find something cool and pertinent to my interests, I just think of what else could be out there!

2. How often do you encounter negativity on soundcloud (or any sharing media) in regards to your music? I like to nerd out about Logic and watch a bunch of interviews/radio show appearances and he’s said before that he’s just stopped looking at comments all together. Not word for word, but something like, “I’ve put my heart into this, I’ve worked so hard for this, just to have some 12 year old out there from his couch say, ‘fuck this, this is gay, this dude can’t rap’.” Obviously, as any kind of artist, you learn to ignore the bullshit, but I’m wondering how much of the feedback you get is actually constructive/useful.

Also am happy to discuss all things Logic related whenever. haha