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Not sure this belongs

If I read the directions correctly, one post per week on here can be about anything? I’ll just continue to embarrass myself until I find out otherwise.

Ok…[deep breath]…I’ll just say it- only started drinking coffee late last week. I’m 21 years old, turning 22 on April 15th. This pretty much sums up how I feel:

[0:35, if you’re lazy like me]

“What’s that haunting aroma?”

I’m doing my best to avoid [2:00]

I hate knowing that I’m that super cliche guy who has over-caffeinated revelations, but I can honestly say I’ve done some of my most focused, most creative after drinking Philz. I will continue to divide my time being supremely proud of myself and my new work (dual screen, 20 ounce Philz, Above & Beyond Group Therapy), while all the while fearing what is severe addiction in the making.

Your friend who’s just discovering what all the commotion is about,


Limited experience with Social Media

Hello! You guys have super sweet descriptions of your social media experiences. I figured I’d just describe a typical “routine”. I think a really cool side effect of this class for me is going to be developing a streamlined and fascinating social media habit. And when I say habit, hopefully it won’t be too much more time out of my day (b/c I don’t exaggerate: I’ve caught myself just compulsively cycling through my little rotation of websites for 4 hours straight: hate that feeling!)

In no particular order:
* check Facebook – sweet “Share this if you love America” post by my mom, clickbait “suggested posts” (that get me probably half the time – so ashamed), baby pictures by friends who are way too pumped about having a baby, and various Denverites shitting on the Broncos/Manning/everyone on the team. Cue cliche ex-player response: “WHY DON’T YOU PUT ON SOME PADS THEN???”

* reddit – cool stuff on the top page (I’m a sucker for animal stuff, gifs preferably), find some weird news item, and read a LPT (life pro tip), only to forget it 10 minutes later. Definitely can get lost here for a while, especially reading comments (pure lurker though, never jump in the conversation).

*brobible – probably most embarrassed of this one, b/c one of the last things I hope people see me as is a “bro”. That’s another discussion though. Honestly, this is the source for weird (sometimes shocking) celebrity/college news, with rarely a story that is (or can lead me to) something actually intellectually engaging. Also gets me with that infinite scroll function where things load before I hit the bottom, then 2 hours later I realize I’m reading things from 2012 (probably the habit I’d most like to conquer).

*worldstarhiphop – another very guilty pleasure, but honestly has stuff that I just can’t look away from sometimes! (not a sexual reference) Vine compilations are probably my favorite, but things can get real weird real quick (“[views something gross]…yea I’m done interneting today.”) Rarely find hip-hop I like though (pretty ironic).

I’ll cut it there in the interest of time, but my point is I like to believe that there’s a better routine out there that satisfies my desire (which can be a bit hard to define, since I’m really never happy about succumbing to the draw of celeb news/dumb college stories), and I’m confident this class will be good for me!

COMM 182 – 1st Post

Hello! I’m looking forward to meeting you guys.

My name is Joe Hemschoot. I’m looking forward to an engaged section every Tuesday afternoon. Judging by this assignment before the first day, I’m sure we will have plenty to stay busy with. I’m excited for discussion about the various issues in this class. I hope to come away with a better understanding and appreciation of social media and how to best use it.

I’m currently in my 5th year at Stanford pursuing a coterm in Communications. I finished my STS degree this past fall (woo!), and I’m interested to meet everyone from unique academic backgrounds.

Cheers! See you in class.