Storify is a very useful tool. I was planning to use it last week for my learner lecture, but I decided to use Prezi. Now that I know more about storify, I can see how much easier it would be to use storify for a presentation that includes various social media bookmarks like twitter/ Instagram/ YouTube. Its a creative, yet adaptable tool for many different projects. For my story, I continued with the #icebucketchallenge. I found mainly the same information from tweets and YouTube, but I had a different perspective after being to compare information and stories from different social media outlets.

I can see how storify is a useful tool, and I want to see what else it could be used for. I can see it being used as a virtual scrapbook that could include basically everything from real time tweets to comments on pictures. It would be interesting to see how an intimate event like a family reunion or a wedding could be documented on storify. I think it would be interesting because of the amount of people of all ages that love to use social media and how accessible social media is because of smart phones. It would cool to see an event from many different perspectives combined. I’m excited to see what I can use storify for. Its a fun descriptive tool that is self explanatory.