More about social media and branding

As everyone knows, its homecoming week and a good friend of mine came in town for the game. He happens to work in product design and marketing at a major sports brand in Portland. The three major sports brands who have headquarters there are Nike, Adidas, and Jordan; they are all within a 10 mile radius of each other. My friend told about the steps he has to go through to spread the word about their new products and the extensive measure they take to choose when/ where products are seen. He brought up that marketing through social media has basically taken over the marketing department and that being social media literate is crucial no matter what department you work for. I was not surprised by this but it was really interesting to hear this from someone in the work force that seems so unrelated to the field. It really makes you think of how social media has not only changed how businesses are marketing, but also affecting what businesses are producing. He was telling me how logos on certain products are placed on the apparel in a way to make picture taking easier. It somewhat hard to explain, but basically the logos are attempting to get into a position where people take pictures. I think that it is amazing how aged old brands are now attempting to adapt to the world with social media.