Hello all!

For my social media related post of the week, I’d love to bring up Snapchat!

Surface Level:

-I love that I can catch up with my buddies in NE, Minnesota, South Carolina, Tennessee, etc.

Those are the football players that came to mind, but I’ll not name at least 20 more states

/*as a 5th year who’s majority of friends, speaking purely total volume, left Stanford this past June in search of their Corona beach!*/


Deep Analysis (prepare for some soapbox):
-Watching the stories is super sweet for learning about culture. Australia Day snaps let me see everyday people doing everyday things
(e.g. partying, watching fireworks, playing curling

/*lol that probably similar to saying, “when does that match start?” for a football game*/)

with their friends. I believe Snapchat is a less intimidating interface

(based on me: I’m more likely to send a silly snap, than to record a video on my phone and upload it to YouTube, which is easier than writing a book, and so on) that encourages those who might not usually share (any number of reasons)

to go ahead and “take the leap.”

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And also feel free to delete me immediately!

For so long, I viewed it as users who post a lot saying: “I believe that I am so universally funny, that everybody is dying to see that I’m petting a cat right now.” Now, I’m more likely to say, “woah, these dudes curling and drinking Fosters in Australia, is just the same as guys playing wiffleball and drinking Coors.


Ozie Ozie Ozie!