Personal social media use

Another topic I thought was interesting from our class discussion related to how outside situations can influence personal social media use. The topic was brought up when a classmate mention because of her social relationships would keep a low profile on social media and I immediately agreed with her because of my athletic background and social media restrictions. This leads to the discussion of how outside entity should or should not influence personal social media use. I believe that using social media is a wonderful way to participate and represent yourself online. I think it is even more important to give people a voice that would not have one without the influence of social media. But I also think you must take responsibility for what you post online and how you participate with other online users. Social media is such an influencing force in today’s world, users must understand their online image reflects more than just the individual. I think understanding the vastness of social media and its influence would provide a better perspective of how individual social media use reflects on more than self image.