First class!

The first class had a lot to cover to set up for the rest of the quarter. Trying to decide in our groups of two or three what we thought was the most important topics to discuss was a great starting point. It was difficult to decide on one, but it highlighted some eye opening topics to discuss. The topic we chose to discuss related to how people represents themselves online across different social media outlets. I thought this was interesting because of the different ways social media platforms allow you to represent yourself. An obvious example would be how a person could represent themselves on twitter versus Instagram. Twitter basically uses word snippets and updated status, whereas Instagram is mostly pictures and comments. I commented that my audience for my Facebook account is completed different than my Instagram. It is not something that you may consciously think about when participating on social media, but it is definitely an idea to be considered when examining how social media effects the physical lives of their users.

What do you guys think? Do you think it is positive or negative to be able to represent yourself differently across social media platforms?