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Life Goals in Development


I would enjoy messing around; definitely something very “feel” – a trait that is sadly not realized yet through the computer (how do we make the “electric drum set” version of this?)



Most entertaining way to dance to this bpm type of electronic music – gotta learn! Decided to iPhone Slo-Mo video and just do it piece by piece moving like a sloth.


Awesome to see someone dedicated to the “science” of the craft (sharp precise rhythm) while just letting herself “flow” (I expect her to be speaking a real language, but I have no idea…


but does it even matter to my understanding if it’s a real language?)

excuse the Gandhi-ness lol just flowing here on a lovely morning



Sensing a bit of a percussive theme in my interests /*regarding the expulsion of excess energy – what football used to be for me */


“the heart and soul of us” – some guy on a video I forgot to note