Whole Earth Catalog – marketing a lifestyle, not goods

I found this passage in the Turner reading pretty interesting:

“When Brand began publishing a quarterly supplement to the Catalog in
1969 he also developed a correspondence section, in which readers wrote to
one another. In both the Catalog and the supplement, Brand marketed not
so much goods as a way of looking at how life ought to be lived.” (p. 8 of the pdf)

Does anyone know if something like this exists today? I hate to sound cynical, but I feel the pressure to sell goods is too high for any catalog to emphasize the community over consumers. The first thing that came to mind for me was Reddit, particularly the subreddits that encourage others to live a certain way (e.g. GetMotivated, Fitness, or PersonalFitness). I’m sure there are corners of the internet that operate in a similar way, but I can’t think of anything in the mainstream that puts people ahead of the products (bold statement haha but I’ll revise as I research).