Wikipedia Discussion

I chose to look up the Wikipedia page of the cause of Michael Jackson’s death. This has been a controversial issue from the beginning, and was continuously changing as new relevant news surfaced. Michael Jackson died from unknown causes and most likely a multitude of factors played a role in his untimely death. The Wikipedians discussed many issues they had with the current Wiki page on the talk page. At the top of this page, specific rules are spelled out and are expected to be followed. I assume that this page has changed many times since the passing of Jackson, but the issued discussed seemed organized. For example, one user commented that the stated album sales of Jackson after his death were incorrect. This user provided a explanatory title and precisely stated the issue and the solution with a hyperlink to evidence. This provided the page with a constructive edit with substantial evidence. As a result, the page kept the edits made by this user. Another method of editing Wikipedians is asking the opinion of the public before performing the edit. In many ways, asking the public to vote on whether not the user’s comment is valid. For example, one Wikipedian commented on the “Family reaction” section of Michael Jackson’s death page. The user commented that the information was insensitive and lacks morality in a time of loss. This comment drew a lot of attention, but seem to change the overall tone of the section. Other comments that were beneficial were users reporting vandalism of the page. This resulted in the page being corrective and improve. Overall the page provides sensitive information which has been altered in response of comments. One of the rules at the top of the page is to withhold personal opinions when commenting and to take a neutral stance on the subject. The tone of some of the sections have the undertone of a perceived opinion, but provides quick valid facts.