Too much chat room?

After our discussion of how social media as leaked into our physical lives, I thought about the basics of traditional behavior. Traditional behavior is dependent from where you come from and your family background. Personally, growing up in the south east where manners are still expected and respected, polite etiquette is emphasized from an early age. So having this in mind, the thought of social media changing our physical behaviors is quite prevalent in our communication skills or lack there of. But also where social media’s influence has impacted is traditional behaviors. For example, I was taught growing up if you enter a room with people you know such as your family or friends, you speak to everyone. The ease of exiting an online conversation or chat room has changed this simple dynamic. I have noticed just from being around kids in various basketball camps and even with family and friends that this small respectful gesture is disappearing. Not that this is a drastic loss, but it does, in my mind, reflect some of the social skills that are being loss because of the social media and development of modern technology. Social media allows many tendency that would not be accepted so easily in a face-to-face interaction. Not paying attention while someone speaks is fine when texting or digitally communicating, but is thought of as rude or disrespectful during a face-to-face conversation. This traditional behavior of being attentive during a conversation has been altered. Speaking to someone while speaking with someone else is disruptive if done in person or even on the phone, but accepted during a text conversation. Traditions change as time changes, so maybe this will be the new tradition.