Network Use

After reading “Why Networks Matter,” Network Logic: Who Governs in an Interconnected World?, I see the truth and need of social media literacy even clearer. As we have reiterated in the class, technology has changed our society in a way that was unpredictable and on a global scale. Technology has shaped our lives and provided us with the ability to reach anyone at anytime. This ability has changed our potential of building networks one person at a time to instantly joining a specific network of our chosen interest.

“Only under the electronics- based technological paradigm can networks reconfigure themselves in real time, on a global–local scale,and permeate all domains of social life.”

This quote illustrates how deeply technology has integrated each of our lives and how networks are being shaped by modern technology. This can be thought of in a positive or negative way. On the positive side, the ability to find and join networks of your interest has never been easier and convenient. By having a smartphone or access to a computer, anyone could be members of countless networks simultaneously and gain viable information from the current or past discussions. These affordances would not be available without today’s technology advancements. On the negative side, the ability to join so many networks results in a lack of participation because the member belongs to too many networks. I feels this takes away from the quality of information. We have continued to discussed this lack of validity of web-based information and I think we must do similar curating of our networks.

“The proper identification of our society is in terms of its specific social structure: networks powered by microelectronics and software-based information and communication technologies.”

This statement classifying our society as technology based demonstrates the need of our attention to the different networks we belong to. I am still learning different curating tools and how to most efficiently curate web-basked information. But, what is the best way to “curate” our networks? Also, what is the best way to choose what networks to join?