My personal Learning Network!

I really enjoyed seeing everyone Personal Learning Networks. Its interesting to see what tools and communities everyone uses and which one constantly overlap with one another. I NovaMind manpping tool from the windows store. It was made to use for touch screen tablets like the surface I’m using. It was hard to use at first, but is a clear mindmapping tool that is easy to use and export. Take a look if you’re interested. Its free in the Windows Store.

Things I learned about myself by making this personal learning mind map. I did not realize the number of tools I utilize on a daily basis. Also, I learned how I have progressed from some of my past tools I used when I was in high school or even at the beginning of undergrad. I can see the progression for the purpose that I was using online apps and tools. Earlier, I was using online tools to primarily communicate or research a topic. But not that purpose has spread to many more aspects of my life such as using social media for my news outlet and depending on sports apps of for daily updates. I learned that my working style has changed because of the accessible collaboration tools and apps. Google Docs and Quip make digital collaboration so easy that I often prefer to work there than in person. I also learned from comparing my mind map that there are tools that I still need learn and explore. I become familiar with a lot of new online tools because of this class, but after looking through everyone networks, I still need to keep trying new apps and continue to progress in my social media literacy.