Comment on Thoughts 1/30 (Yik Yak x Stanford) by Gabriel

I thought I was the only one to hear about the Yik Yak response to the bridge protest. That protest, of course, was going to be a controversial event and public issue. I realized how biased social media platforms could be when I really started paying to the different platforms during some of our recent public controversies and events (President Obama’s State of the Union, police brutality, and so on). It is eye opening the things people will say when their name is not attached to the statement. I feel their true identity comes out when they do not have to worry about the repercussions of their actions. The comments from some of these threads can appear to be just as bias as the title at times. Social media is meant to be a public forum to express opinions, but I see some of the same things you see as social media becomes more and more biased.