Comment on Moving Life Online – Me vs. the WELLites by Mia Farinelli

The peer pressure was very much in their interests rather than mine. My friends firmly believed that I was missing out on not connecting with them online and that the quality of my life would increase if I got a Facebook. In retrospect, I realize that there were things that I missed out on, such as social gatherings, conversations, jokes, parties, etc. That’s the curse of social media: if you don’t join and learn the lingo right away, you could be left in the dust.
With that said, my usage of social media is still relatively anti-social; I do not actively post things on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. about my thoughts and feelings, but rather to share real-life experiences. I also don’t explore communities on other platforms, and I prefer to passively consume material rather than contribute. I’d have to say that I’m pretty content with the way I use the Internet now, but I am much more open to that changing than I used to be.