Comment on Moving Life Online – Me vs. the WELLites by Mia Farinelli

Haha sorry I guess I was a little bit vague about the “real life experiences” thing. Usually when I do post on FB it’s to advertise about an upcoming event, such as a show that I’m in, a party, or a recently passed experience like going to a concert or hanging out with a friend. In short, most things I post on FB have to do with real life events or occurrences, rather than thoughts or emotions or things that happen online.
I actually happen to be very picky about what I retweet or reblog on Twitter and Tumblr because I have this weird feeling that I need to craft my image very carefully on those sites. I feel that those sites are more public and are more about looking at things relating to your specific interests; so far I have abstained from disturbing the waters and I rarely do anything that would leave a notification on someone else’s feed.