Comment on Folder, File, Function – The Omnipresence of the Modern Computer Interface by lukedewilde

I would argue that we absolutely do have other kinds of computers that we interact with on an every day basis. Tons of things in our every day lives branched off at different points in the development of the computer. Our calculators are early computers in a smaller form, our cars have tons of computerized electronics that don’t have a mouse or keyboard yet are still interactive. iPods used a click wheel and did all the things offline computers do minus word processing, iPads are computers with touchscreens… the list goes on and on.

That said, I think our kids are going to be living in a world full of anachronisms like ‘developing pictures’, the # symbol as ‘hashtag’ not ‘pound’, ‘mixtape’, and others that will make as little sense to them as some of the things you described made to you until you had those realizations.

Also – the save button we still use is a floppy disk, which hopefully will last forever and confuse kids of the future until the end of time.