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Comment on Selfies by Sarah

I’m glad you brought up the “teen social media stars,” because I find that phenomenon to be truly bizarre. Maybe I am showing my age (I definitely am), but I do not understand Twitter or Instagram famous. As I write this, however, I realized that perhaps these are the new reality stars. I caught myself thinking, don’t you have to DO something to be famous? Without realizing that I roll my eyes whenever my parents say about some of my favorite celebrities (i.e. the Kardashians…). I’m not ready to be out of touch yet!

Comment on Anonymity in Stanford Race Confessions by Sarah

That’s an interesting take on the page. I believe that the anonymity of the site helps those feel comfortable submitting a post, and that this is crucial with such an important issue. Something else I’ve noticed is that many people have submitted posts responding to other posts. I think this helps because it’s a completely anonymous conversation, which in this case I think fosters honesty. I would feel very uncomfortable commenting on a post myself, but I applaud others who don’t.

Additionally, I know that the page has sparked an honest dialogue about some of these issues within my social circle, and I hope it’s doing the same for others.