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Comment on Moving Life Online – Me vs. the WELLites by Hayashi Hougi

Hi Mia,

I totally agree with you on the part about missing out – when my friends got Facebook and I didn’t, I found them talking in real life about things they had discussed on Facebook that I didn’t know about and hence the quality of my real life friendship declined.

I’m curious about your claim that your use of social media is “anti-social”. What do you mean by you use them to share “real-life experiences”? Also, when you consume content on social media platforms, do you “like” or “retweet/reblog” things you find interesting?


Comment on A Beginner’s Concept Map by Hayashi Hougi

Hi Mia!

Thanks for the insightful mind map. I wasn’t expecting anyone to use Prezi so I was pleasantly surprised – and it seems to work very well on this platform. Thanks for exploring a tool+functionality pair that was not prescribed (or suggested) in Prof. Rheingold’s instructions. As for the content itself, I think you’ve got great stuff going in there. Personally, I think there are also a lot of links between each week’s topic that perhaps you can also try illustrating in the mind map (I don’t know how that’d be done with Prezi though ><)