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Comment on collective action on reddit by admin

Not all 14,000 users comment, in fact, most don’t and once you watch 50 or so games and you follow most of the comments, you see that the people you tend to upvote and who comment on your posts is a small contingent of something like 20-40 other users who are especially devoted to the community, however i’d imagine there are hundreds of lurkers who just enjoy reading our commentary during games.

Comment on COLLO and Social Capital by admin

No I definitely wouldn’t say there’s much support from the administration here, not to mention the fact that they made getting funding like 10000% more difficult this year and slashed our budget by 2/3 this year. I totally empathize with AATP’s struggle and the struggles of dance groups to get funding and space. I know how hard that stuff is.

Comment on COLLO and Social Capital by admin

Hey Betty, there are 5 of us who basically run things. We’re actually having an event tonight that’s a student-artist showcase where 5 student artists, including me, Mike Mendoza, Chris Russ, Gabriella Moreno, and David Grunzweig, are all gonna talk about our recent work, process and future plans. It’s gonna be at 6 tonight at the Kimball lounge (with free burritos!). No pressure at all to come, but if you feel like stopping by to check it out, feel free!