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Comment on Why so judgy? by admin

In most situations, I am fairly competitively. That’s is just the way I have always been, but its not the sole reason for my use of social media. I think its an element that could play into the way you choose to share depending who you are. I think competition is a positive in order to elevate the quality of content.

Comment on Why so judgy? by admin

I am not saying that I only view pics that have high number of likes. But large number of likes has a tendency to catch my attention more often than if a picture has a low number. I think I use this tactic more when I am looking through random pictures.

Comment on How social media has changed our community by admin

I think it limits the reach of the group. Obviously, with less people means less ties to outside sources. Limited resources first comes to my mind when thinking of the downsides of groups in which everyone knows everyone. Another downside would I would choose to mention would be slowing of the development of communication skills. The more comfortable people are with one another, the less traditional the use of language becomes. If people in a small group only communicate with one another, I think their communication skills may be hindered because of the lack of a need to interact with new people and new ideas.

Comment on Too much chat room? by admin

That was actually another point I was thinking about mentioning. Greeting and introductions are disappearing. It crazy to see something we were taught as children disappear so quickly. We have seen a difference in what we thought were basic traditions and behaviors change within our lifetime which isn’t very long.