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COMM 182 – 1st Post

Hello! I’m looking forward to meeting you guys.

My name is Joe Hemschoot. I’m looking forward to an engaged section every Tuesday afternoon. Judging by this assignment before the first day, I’m sure we will have plenty to stay busy with. I’m excited for discussion about the various issues in this class. I hope to come away with a better understanding and appreciation of social media and how to best use it.

I’m currently in my 5th year at Stanford pursuing a coterm in Communications. I finished my STS degree this past fall (woo!), and I’m interested to meet everyone from unique academic backgrounds.

Cheers! See you in class.


Hi everyone! I am Fang and I am super excited to be back in Professor Rheingold’s class this quarter after COMM283 last quarter. After last quarter, I became even more attuned to developments in social media tools and technologies, and let me just take a moment to gush about the new WordPress features rolled out (e.g. distraction-free writing mode). I love new features (when they are not, you know, like Windows 8…)! Anyway, looking forward to an awesome quarter of co-learning ahead!