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Comment on Selfies by Molly Duff

I am so glad you thought of writing a post about this song! I was with my two younger sisters (both in college) the other day and one of them asked me to go get lunch. I was on my phone using snapchat (naturally) at the time of her request and I responded “yes, but first, let me take a #SELFIE.” I was half-kidding as I was jokingly referencing the lyrics to this Chainsmokers song; but also half-not-kidding because I actually was about to take a selfie on snapchat to send to my friend before I got up to go with my sister to lunch. Being four years younger than me and therefore very social media savvy, I thought my sister would definitely pick up on my reference and laugh. Instead she didn’t get it and responded “wow you actually have to be kidding.” I was!!! Sort of. Taking selfies, discussing the amount of Instagram likes we got, and putting filters on our pictures is something that is so “normal” in our generation and society today. However, we still feel the need to add a caveat to our comments regarding these actions as if to assert: “I know it is embarrassing that I do this and that I am saying it aloud, but I am going to do it anyway and you are going to accept it because you do it too!” I eventually explained that I was quoting #SELFIE and she of course knew the song, she just wasn’t as attuned with the lyrics. Anyway, I think the phenomenon of the selfie is so interesting given that it is somewhat taboo (the foolish feeling we get while taking them), but also so commonly practiced and accepted.